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I’m Sara, and this is my blog. I was primarily writing about my health on here, but sometimes you have to try something new. Early in 2020 I decided to embrace my naturally wavy hair and I have had such great results I made a few video tutorials for others interested in putting the heat tools down and finding your hair’s natural curl pattern. I’m following the ‘Curly Girl Method,’ more about that here.

To give an update about my health; I am err ok. I spent all summer in physical therapy (through tele-medicine) to work on my neck and shoulder pain/weakness and that has been helping, but there are always issues when it comes to me! I am waiting to have a few more tests with my gastroenterologist at Northwestern Medicine in early 2021. She suspects my issues might be gastroparesis, which is something that affects digestion, and might explain some problems that have been bothering me for a few years. The good news, if it is gastroparesis, there is medication that can help to manage the symptoms.

In case you missed it, here is a little bit of the history… I was in an ATV accident in 2010, and suffered an aortic dissection, among other injuries, which resulted in the need for stents in my aorta covering my left subclavian artery. I had a bypass placed later in 2010 from my left carotid artery to my left subclavian artery, in order to get my left arm sufficient blood flow. Then in 2014 there was back surgery. In 2017 my bypass became blocked and I needed another major surgery to open it back up, which resulted in a blood clot. They went back in, removed the clot and placed stents in my bypass. In 2018 I dissected my left vertebral artery, which honestly was the most painful and damaging of any of it. I have been working with the good doctors at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab since then to get my strength back, and manage my pain. Slowly but surely I am getting there. My back and hip have been bothering me lately, so I just started another round of PT through tele-medicine. I’ll just be over here making the most of every day, trying a little better to share more.

Before all of that, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and have lived in Illinois my whole life. I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communications with a specialization in public relations, and minor in sociology. In my free time I enjoy traveling (hope to again soon), spending time with my friends and family, watching every YouTube video made on how to do hair (to try to tame this mane), listening to music, reading, dancing, yoga, and watching too much tv.


If you would like help getting started with the curly girl method or have any questions, you can email me at sarabink44@gmail.com


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